Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I am having issues using PayPal to order the instructions I want. Is there another option to pay?
Answer: We have experienced a couple of issues with countries, outside of the USA (where we and PayPal are located), with PayPal. As a result, we have setup an option to send you a link for payment, using Stripe. If you have a Strip account, then, using our contact page, send us your e-mail address (don't forget to tell us that you need the Stripe payment link) and we'll send it directly to you.

Question: Don't you consider the sharing of secrets to be unethical?

Answer: If what we were offering was a site dedicated to revealing the secrets of magic effects, then the answer would be a resounding yes! However, if you step back and take a truly objective look at what we have worked hard on putting together, then the answer would be an equally resounding no! Allow me this clarification, please.

Our objective, here at MagiCollector, is to help the owners of older and more recently acquired magic tricks, that find themselves without the instructions to those tricks, be able to obtain them without "breaking the bank," so-to-speak. It was our further objective to make this collection of instructions searchable, therefore making the task of finding what one was specifically searching for, easier to locate.

Furthermore, we don't promote this site outside of well-known magic circles and forums, where performing magicians and established collectors gather in private. Like most magicians, we don't want to spoil the art by the wanton sharing of secrets. We do, however, feel it's important that when it's time for a magician/collector to sell one or more of their pieces, that it's much easier to do so when the instructions go with it.

Question: The charge of $4.00. Is that per page of instructions?
Answer: No. It's $4.00 for each set of instructions. In other words, regardless  if what you wish to download consists of one page or eight pages, it's $4.00.

Question: I really need the instructions for a particular trick I have and I think what you have listed is it. I'm just not certain. If I'm wrong, can I get a refund?
Answer: In a word, no. We're not setup for refunds. However, what you can do is send us a message, providing additional details of specifically what you are looking for. We can promise that we will compare it to the best of our abilities and respond with an honest answer.

Question: I have a collection of instructions for a variety of current and vintage effects. Would you consider buying them from me?
Answer: Certainly! Contact us  at, with a list of what you have and what format (printed, PDF, etc.) they are in. We will get back with you.

Question: After I complete my purchase, how long must I wait before I receive the instructions?
Answer:  Unless there is a server issue or a connectivity issue, on either end, you should receive your download instantly after purchase.

Question: Are all of your instructions authored in PDF format or are they scanned??
Answer: On occasion, you may come across one that is written and formatted in PDF, however, the vast majority are scanned (in particular the vintage instructions) images of the original documents, then converted into PDF for easy download. That's why you'll see "wrinkles" and "tears" as it's an image of the original document. The important thing is, we go through each page of each set of instructions, to make certain the details of how the effect works, is intact.

Question: Do I need any special software to view the documents I purchase??
Answer: All of our downloadable documents are in formatted in PDF. While there are many capable PDF readers out there, we recommend downloading Adobe's free version of their PDF reader. You can find it here.

Question: Is the information I download written in English?
Answer: All of our downloadable documents are in English.